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Ahmed Abdulkadir road, Bauchi, Bauchi State.

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  1. The State Industrial policy is fashioned in line with the National policy with little adjustments to suit its business environment and peculiarity  Its cardinal objective is to attract  investors to the State with relative ease by creating conducive environment for investments.
  2. Poised to fully harness these agricultural and mineral resources, the State government as a deliberate policy attached premium on the development of Infrastructural facilities needed for the sustainable industrial growth of the State.  To this end, industrial estates have been developed in all urban and semi-urban areas of the State and are provided with access roads, electricity, telecommunication facilities, and water.  Government also intends to provide land to any interested investor, under its Land Liberalization Policy.
  3. The State also has two Airstrips located in Bauchi and Azare for use by simple lightweight aircraft.  It is also serviced by a railway line, which is used for conveying goods and services to the seaports of Lagos and Port Harcourt. Also, the state has commenced the construction of an International Airport to facilitate international travels and ease contact with foreign partners as well.
Nigerian Asbestos Ltd       .           Bauchi Asbestos roofing sheets, Ceiling boards and pressure Pipes.
Steyr (Nig.) Ltd.                      Bauchi  Assembling of Trucks, Tractors Buses and Motorcycles and maintenance services;
Alind (Nig.) Ltd.                       Bauchi  Electric cables, insulated Copper and aluminum Conductors;
Zaki Flour Mill                         Azare     Grain Flour, grids and offals;
Gwani Software      Bauchi Complete IT Solution Provider
Arewa Ceramics                     Misau   Sanitary Wares and Fittings
Fertilizer Blending Plant          Bauchi NPK (20-10-10) Fertilizer
Yankari Natural Water            Mainamaji   Bottled Natural Spring Water
Ramadan Press                      Bauchi  Printing Press Publishing
Bauchi Meat Factory              Bauchi  Canned and fresh hygienic beef.
Flexible pipe                       Bauchi  Water hose and PVC Conduit pipes
Yankari Foam                      Bauchi  Assorted mattress and Pillows
Bazamri P.V.C. Tiles              Bauchi    P.V.C. Flour tiles
Bauchi Furniture Co. Ltd .Bauchi   Assorted Industrial and
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