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Consultancy Services

The BIC is, as pointed out earlier, enjoined as part of its promotional function to assist in the development of private business entrepreneurship within Bauchi State, through the provision of investment counselling and business advice.  The consultancy programme outlined below is an avenue provided by the BSIPDC for individuals and organisations to avail themselves of its services. 
Prospective clients should call at the BIC’S office or write formally for a formal discussion on the particular consultancy assistance required.  The charges will be moderate, as they will only consist of a list of reimbursable expenses and token fee for the assignment to be carried out

A. Investment Consultancy:
  1. Feasibility Studies.
  2. Potential investors who wish to establish industrial or commercial projects within or outside Bauchi State could approach the BIC to undertake comprehensive feasibility studies for them on such projects.  The report will indicate the total cost of a project and an appropriate financing plan.  In addition, it will contain details on market and marketing prospects, and the quantum of demand for the proposed product or service.  Furthermore, the financial analysis in the report will show the profitability or otherwise of the project through projected profit and loss accounts and cash flow statements.  The report will also identify suitable financial, technical and management partners for the project and determine sources and cost of machinery where applicable.

  3. Project Appraisal and Analysis
  4. Prospective investors can submit their feasibility reports produced elsewhere for appraisal and analysis to determined the viability or otherwise of the project.  The appraisal process involves scrutinizing the technical aspects of the report namely the cost and suitability of plant and machinery, production processes, the economic desirability of the project, and its commercial and financial viability.  After the projects has been appraised and analyzed, the promoter will be in a better position to know if the project is going to be viable or not and whether it is worthwhile embarking on.

  5. Financial Management and Counselling
  6. The financial management and counseling will entail advice to clients on working capital and asset management, capital structure, financing plans, inventory control, production planning and other financial management techniques.  It will also include services on issues relating to credit management and the formulation of budgetary control mechanisms and austerity programmes.

  7. Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management services to be provided to individuals and organizations will be in form of expert advise on the best type of security to purchase, or which holdings to dispose off in the capital market.  The BIC would also undertake the management of investment trusts if approached to do so.  Clients will also, on realest, be furnished with information on investment opportunities within the Nigerian economy and status reports on licensed stockbrokers and finance houses in the country.

B. Corporate Secretarial and Legal Services Consultancy

  1.           Corporate Legal Assistance.
  2. Legal services could be provided to private entrepreneurs and public agencies wishing to establish and incorporate or register limited liability companies partnerships or sole proprietorships as the case may be.  As the legal processes will be carried out on behalf of clients.  Services could also be rendered with respect to organizing annual general meetings, filling of statutory returns, registration of increase in share capital, change of directors, vetting or modification of Memorandum and Articles of Association, general guidance through the Companies Act and the drafting of incorporation agreements.  Such services as scrutinizing of the genuineness of partners and their financial standing could be provided to clients.

  3. Loan Documentation:
  4. The BIC could render services on loan documentation to interested businessmen such as drafting and or vetting of loan or mortgage agreements and guarantee deeds.

  5.      Legal Drafting:
  6. This will entail provision of expert advice on and the drafting of all types of agreements especially with respect to technical management, joint venture, partnerships, mortgage deeds, assignment of property, lease, sale, Memorandum and Articles of Association, power of attorney etc.
    The BIC  could also assist with technical agreements on supply, installation and commissioning of plant and machinery and in scouting for and choosing among several machinery suppliers and technical partners.  It could also negotiate contract terms on behalf of clients.

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